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Chris---In-Katmai---2013I Like taking pictures of things that inspire me, that literally stop me in my tracks and bring to the now, a kind of mindfulness. I get excited when I get the ‘gift’ in seeing the fleeting Image, when light and shadow, in tandem with Nature conspire to create a temporary unique beauty that isn’t always there and will never be there, the same again….For me, that’s photography, seeing where my mind, legs and camera take me and occasionally my photographers eye is in tune with what’s in front of me…..Then there is that insane and intense race to make sure the camera and me can participate and capture these unique moments….

Moments…..Like fighting with your nerves as your chest deep in freezing cold water in the dark, waiting for the early morning mist to mingle with the days first light along the Rivers in Katmai and catch sight of a Hungry Grizzly as he takes his morning dip, in the cold water, before searching for his breakfast salmon…..or catching the last rays of light, dancing off the Pacific as a Pelican makes his last flight of the day, gliding along the air trapped upside the waves……Oh yeah, that’s photography for me……

Oh and me, I live in California. I originally come from Rural Northern England, I guess that explains my deep love for Nature. Now, I travel, and I backpack as much as possible, walking with my camera, looking for the next fusion of Nature, light, and shadow…..In addition to the Natural World, occasionally I’ll wander through a cityscape and am often taken back when I see stark beauty in Manmade Landscape…..

I am fortunate enough to had a very successful entrepreneurial career. One that affords me the opportunity and resources to visit many unique and remote locations. I am even more fortunate to have the unwavering support and love from my beautiful and inspirational Wife and my two amazing Children….. To them I dedicate all my Images, for they have given my heart the fuel and my soul the energy to follow my dreams, always…..our three dogs, who wake up happy and remind me that life is to be appreciated……Oh, last but not least, my family, friends and clients, who inspire me, motivate me, make me laugh and except me for who I am and thankfully, like what me and my camera sometimes see and the manner in which I interpret things….Thank you.

I hope you like something on this site and if you do, I’d love to hear from you…hey what the heck, I’d love to hear from you, if you don’t!

Wherever your legs take you, may you see the joy that is there, if you just stop to take a longer look, you probably will!